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How to provide battery capacity alerts at low cost

Why this challenge?

Engage in the environmental initiative, limiting battery changes to those strictly necessary and at the same time, securing service continuity.


The goal of the Challenge is to create a low-cost monitoring solution for each battery at the Data Center sites.

Sample situation

In the event of an electrical power interruption, the inverters are then powered by generators that provide backup. During this transition phase between the electrical grid and the generators, or vice versa, the servers are temporarily powered by batteries to maintain a constant electrical feed. This temporary period is based on batteries in perfect working order, a vital condition for guaranteeing power 24/7.

Anticipated benefits

Operational savings and enhanced DCS conditions.

Trial, resources and co‑innovation


Interxion data center in the port zone.

The solution could include the following steps.

  • Define the parameters to be monitored (residual energy capacity of each battery above 80 percent).
  • Develop a low-cost standard sensor able to read the useful parameters.
  • Develop a simple alert or information system for when weak batteries are detected.
  • Implement a representative sample of sensors and assess the results as part of an operational activity.

Resources available

Interxion technical and trade expertise.


Specific guidance in innovation and co-innovation between the company selected and Interxion.

Profile for the expected startup

Battery or electricity specialist, M2M or IoT type connected solutions.