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How to interface a carrier’s run management system with the RFID tag displayed on the trailer and its location on the dock

Why this challenge?

Engage in the smart port initiative to enhance port traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption in the terminal. 


La Méridionale has developed a trailer tag identification process using an RFID tag located on the trailer’s hand brake. In its dedicated application, this lets the driver identify and locate trailers on the dock.

Sample situation

When a carrier’s driver comes to pick up a trailer from the terminal, his smartphone displays the trailer’s location on the dock, so he can proceed directly to the trailer. When he hooks up the trailer, he scans the RFID tag with his smartphone and compares it with that shown by his run management system. When he unhooks the trailer at the client’s location, he scans the RFID tag again with his smartphone.

Anticipated benefits

Enhanced traffic flow in the terminal and time gains from information about the precise location of the trailer; reduced fuel consumption by trucks in the terminal through precise information about location on the dock; more reliable delivery to the end client through control of the towed trailer.

Trial, resources and co‑innovation


La Méridionale dockside terminal in the Port of Marseille.

Resources available

Expertise of La Méridionale and two carriers.


Specific guidance in innovation and co-innovation between the selected company, La Méridionale and two carriers.

Profile for the expected startup

Geographic proximity and experience in developing connected applications.