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Fond EDF

Control of ships and port infrastructures based on IoT

challenge launched by

Why this challenge?


The challenge is included in the Smart Port way in order to improve the management of a fleet of equipement requiring specific monitoring (regulatory control, calibration of measuring devices, traceability of control operations, etc…). The solution proposed will have to be adapted to the specific environnement of ships where the deployment of networks and the use of wireless functionalities can be very constrained.


Develop more efficient management systems based on digital technologies ( IOT, big data, …)

Example of situation

During a stopover or maintenance operation, a vessel must have a certain number of live-saving equipment maintained or replaced ( liferafts, lifejackets, fire extinguishers…). Before leaving at sea, the ship captain must endure that he has all the necessary equipment on board and that they are up to date with their checks.

  • Thanks to an IOT device installer on each equipment and a mobile terminal (wireless) it can :
    • Interrogate each equipment to know
      • The history of controls related to each piece of equipment
      • Dates and next checks to be scheduled :
  • Thanks to an application, it can :
    • Consult the state of its equipment fleet
    • Provide an inspector or his owner with a report on the state of this fleet of equipment
    • Anticipate and plan the next control operations to be carried out.

Expected benefits

  • Save time inregulatory control operations,
  • Improved monitoring, traceability and logging of controls,
  • Access to new datasets that can be reused for other uses
  • Optimization of the fleet and change of equipment wisely

Trial, resources and co‑innovation

Resources available

1. Datasets

  • Naval Group will be able to comunicate lists of « standard » equipment and control operations

2. Expertise

  • Naval Group  : maintenability team


  • Industrial or port infrastructure
  • Civil ship
  • Military ship

Target user and stakeholders 

  • crew
  • opérations manager
  • maintenance manager
  • control organism 

    Opportunities for partners

    • Evaluation of existing solutions close to the expressed need,
    • Identification of new potential partners,

    Other types of actors potentially interested in a solution developing additional functionalitites :

    • Méridionale, Corsica Ferries (to be confirmed)
    • Port infrastructure operator (to be confirmed)
    • Control organism ?

    Experimentation envisaged

    The experiment will consist inverifying the relevance, the effort and the constraints of development of such a solution by identifying :  

    • Specific use cases,
    • The different technologies that can be considered and deployed on board of ship,
    • Related usess cases that could benefit from this type of solution

    Such a model would then show, for example :

    • Time saving for operators, ,
    • The interest of re-using the data produced, collected by such an application.

    Profile for the expected startup

    Start-up offering application solutions based on interconnection with objects from the IOT using wireless technologies (RFID, NFC…).