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Le French
Smartport in Med

The French Smart Port in Med affirms and consolidates the port vocation of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis and benefits from the digital revolution. It shows the commitment of all the actors of the port cluster to build the port of tomorrow. By focusing their actions on innovation, they promote the economic potential while aiming for sustainable development.


4 strategic ambitions

Initiated by the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the port authority of Marseille Fos and the Aix Marseille Provence University and implemented in collaboration with their partners, the French Smart Port in Med initiative pursues four strategic ambitions:  

  1. Improving the economic and environmental performance of the logistic and industrial port ecosystem
  2. Creating new sources of value and employment, especially in the digital business
  3. Strengthening relations and interactions between the Port and the metropolitan territory
  4. Promoting the port community and contributing to the differentiation of Marseille Fos notably in the Mediterranean

The French Smart Port in Med makes it possible to display the port and its territory as a field of experimentation for new uses, applications, devices.

Marseille Fos and its ecosystem differentiate themselves from other ports by improving the service offer and revealing the dynamism of its economic fabric to better serve its customers and stakeholders.

This great project is the project of a territory that federates public and private actors and gathers the economic development schemes in favor of employment, preservation of the living environment and creation of wealth.


4 operational issues

An efficient port, has intelligent and competitive logistics. It deploys efficient management systems based on digital technologies.

A green port, is a port with high environmental performance. It reduces or optimizes the use of resources and pools utilities, energy and materials.

A virtuous port, it is a port that develops renewable energy. It supports projects which reduce the environmental impact of shipping and other port activities.

An innovative port, is a port that creates wealth and jobs. It is connected to a wide digital offer at the highest global standards.



Promoters and partners of the approach combine their efforts in a collaborative and open approach through six complementary methods: 

  1. Referencing and deploying concrete actions and pilot projects to make the French Smart Port in Med clear and concrete.
  2. The implementation of an open innovation system based on a "Challenge" to anchor the Port and the Metropolis as fields of  experimentation of new uses, applications, and demonstrators.
  3. The animation of a "Brain Port Community" to promote the setting up of trainings, research programs, cooperation approaches about port activities and to lead prospective reflection on employment.
  1. The structuring of a "Smart Port Data" database enabling all stakeholders who wish to develop a research or innovation project or some other activity based on the Smart Port to access diverse and specific data sets.
  2. The implementation of communication and promotion policy of the French smart port in Med initiative at a local, regional, national, European and international level.

  3. The deployment of an investment program in infrastructure and capacities to welcome activities related to energy innovation, logistics and digital.