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Terminal Med Europe

The challenges


The seven proposed challenges are designed to lead to the development of solutions that will allow the port to secure its excellence in the fields of port logistics, energy performance and digital solutions. 

The challenges

To address port users’ lack of information on orientation and movements, and the need for information about right of way and movement around the port, on the eastern docks. 

Improve port traffic flow of containers and ships and contribute to terminal performance.

Use renewable energy to connect ships to the electrical network to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants (fine particles, nitrous oxides, etc.) caused by all shipping activities.

Develop a method for mapping all digital technical components in the port (digital equipment on the docks, crane equipment, gantries, electrical grid, computer system piloting containers, internal port computer systems, access control systems, etc.) to protect against cyberattacks.

Create a prototype “eco-calculator” that will quantify greenhouse gas emissions for proposed door-to-door container routes and incorporate elements to offset the carbon footprint.

Interface a carrier's run management system with the RFID tag displayed on the trailer and its location on the dock to enhance port traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption in the terminal.  

Participate in the environmental initiative by limiting battery changes to those strictly necessary and at the same time, securing service continuity. Create a low-cost monitoring solution for each battery at the Data Center sites.