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How to inform users better about and around the port

Why this challenge?

Défi des Terrasses du Port : mieux informer les usagers sur et autour du port

To address port users’ lack of information on orientation and movements, and the need for information about right of way and movement around the port, on the eastern docks.

The lack of information about the port and its ecosystem concerns all users.

  • Urban traffic congestion complicates access to the port on the eastern and western docks.
  • Conflicting uses are observed in traffic lanes (public transit, trucks, tourist vehicles, etc.).
  • Public transit service in the port is not well known.
  • Access to the port is confidential: no signage.
  • No management of travelers in transit or waiting.
  • Add a competitive advantage to transiting the Port of Marseille by offering a range of additional services/benefits for all users.
  • Visitors present on the port’s Promenade des Terrasses have no information about the vessels berthed along the dock (ferry) or about their cruise ship’s departure.


The Challenge will propose and prototype one or more digital solutions (application/innovative information signs/connected objects) for cruise ship and ferry passengers, especially on the existing availability of transportation and parking between vessels and downtown (taxi, RTM bus, TER, Métro, free GPMM shuttle, cruise line free or charged shuttles), airport and SNCF station links, potential activities (restaurants, shopping, culture, hotels) around the port. This support must include extensive data and be easy to update, especially through automatic updates (e.g. flows to RTM sites).

Sample situation

“I want to enter the port to board or leave my ship: for pedestrians, boarding vehicles, professionals, access to parking areas, security facilities (customs, etc.): ferry (Corsica, Maghreb), cruises, RoRo and truck loading, etc.” “I arrive in the morning for a 6:00 p.m. sailing. What can I do before boarding my ship while maintaining the assurance of staying close to the departure area?”

Anticipated benefits

Better information accessible to as many users as possible, through the use of digital applications, easy to access and use, enhancement of the port’s immediate environment, and upgrading of services available to users.

Trial, resources and co‑innovation


The Port’s eastern docks and surrounding area, the Joliette and docks.

Resources available

Available Datasud, GPMM datasets.


Specific coaching on innovation and co-innovation between the company selected, Les Terrasses du Port, GPMM and the City of Marseille, AMP/RTM, GPMM, Club de la Croisière Marseille Provence, Mucem.


Profile for the expected startup

An innovative start-up or SME in development of digital applications and related objects, with significant experience in the field and state-of-the-art technical qualifications.