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Making smart containers secure

challenge launched by

Why this challenge?


Traxens wants to take the Smart Port approach, with the strategic objective of improving the economic and environmental performance of the port ecosystem by making the logistics operations for shipping containers simpler and more secure.Smart containers have the potential to digitally transform intermodal logistics chains; to reduce costs, optimise investments, comply with environmental regulations and provide high-quality services to end customers.


Traxens provides services and data with high added value to stakeholders in the logistics industry, such as carriers, cargo owners, security and safety authorities and insurers. Traxens also helps to combat theft and the contamination of containers with illegal or banned items or substances.

    The revolutionary Traxens-Box IoT technology is already making smart containers more secure by using light sensors to detect when a container door is opened.

    A second source of information, possibly gathered using BLE, confirming or not the detected event, would make it possible for the aforementioned stakeholders to use this data.

    This additional solution will need to use technology that can take into account all of the following:

    • High communication security standards used by Traxens
    • Energy constraints associated with the IoT
    • Costs connected to higher industrial volumes
    • Qualifcation by the authorities

    Example of situation

    Contamination occurs when items, substances or goods are illegally placed inside containers without the knowledge of the security and safety authorities, shipping companies and shippers.

    To ensure alerts can be issued when there is suspected contamination and to avoid generating false alerts, Traxens must be able to share qualified data that can be used immediately by the authorities.

    Expected benefits

    Port transit will run more smoothly with improved smart container security. Instances of containers being held at the port will be greatly reduced and inspections that waste time and energy will also be minimised, eventually becoming unnecessary.

    This time saving will enable the security and inspection authorities to focus their efforts on standard containers.

    Trial, resources and co‑innovation


    The entire port of Marseille Fos

    Resources available

    Traxens Smart Port Project Team


    Specific support for the start-up/SME chosen by Traxens

    Profile for the expected startup

    Experience in all types of sensors or calculations connected to the Challenge, high standards and levels of security.

    A location close to the port of Marseille would be an advantage.